market dates:

resort 2015

june 1-5 new york showroom appointments only

june 8-12 los angeles showroom appointmets only

july 18-20 cabana show -


addison+crescent LA:

the cooper bldg
860 s.los angeles st. suite #505
la ca 90014

213 612 0050(p)
213 612 0015(f)


addison+crescent NY:

525 broadway suite #202
new york, ny 10012

212 925 5601(p)

bec & bridge - australia

bec & bridge

By friends Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorston.

Bec & Bridge strikes a fine balance between aspirational and achievable fashion, a niche its creators have worked hard to perfect since the labels inception in 2003. It is the pair's meticulous eye for detail coupled with the ability to be commercially savvy with their designs that sets them apart from their peers.

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bec & bridge swim - australia

bec & bridge swim

By friends Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorston.

Revel in a raw, evocative, and exotic beauty - where a confident and free spirit immerses herself admits the rugged coastal splendor of the tropical Australian landscape. Her sun-kissed skin glistens against jewel tones and metallic accents. She is otherworldly - her beauty is as compelling on the inside as it is on the outside. She is the epitome of woman. From sunrise to sunset, where she goes, others follow.

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darner - los angeles


Darner is designed by Roxanna Beatrice and Harold Kuhn.

The name Darner comes from the nickname given to women brought into the military during the Civil War to repair (or darn) the soldiers’ damaged socks.

Unlike traditional socks, which are fully knit, Darner socks are cut-and-sewn from custom-made bamboo and nylon fabrics. Socks are available in a variety of original prints and colors.

Darner is proudly made in Los Angeles.

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kin/k - san francisco


A rock 'affaire' collection of rich colors and textures exemplifies the characteristic of this collection. Featuring a subdued 70's inspired palette, this collection of wool felt hats are accompanied by intricate hand beaded and suede crown bands, gold knotted collars and 24 karat gold hat pins. Featured in this collection are limited artist series, hand painted crown bands by renowned New York costume designer.

made in the u.s.a.

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la bête - new york

la bête

Rooted in it's foundation of functionality and glam, La Bête is the missing piece to the simple yet statement driven wardrobe. La Bête is an outerwear brand for the woman who takes a simple approach but never without a twist. Made in Turkey using ethically sourced leather and suede.

The brand is a collaboration between longtime friends and industry veterans Jessica Kruse and Rosa Lieberberg

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loup - brooklyn


Try “Back to the Future” meets fashion. By means of preservation, Loup marries vintage aesthetics with the contemporary world. Reeling through images found in 1960’s French art and film, as well as favoring icons such as Jane Birkin and Bridgette Bardot, Loup seizes the retro futuristic aspect of that era. The product is something totally relaxed, comfortable and simultaneously chic; a wondrous dream if you ask us.

By NYC Designer Danielle Ribner... clothing made in New York City.

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mm druck -
los angeles

mm druck jewelry

Designed and crafted in
Los Angeles.

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østine - denmark


0stine clothing, made in the u.s.a.

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starkx - los angeles


Perry Stark, originally from Israel, came to LA in 1984 to study at FIDM and has worked in the fashion industry ever since.

Perry designs STARK X with a group of designers from Echo Park in Los Angeles. The line is described as "comfy, loose and yummy, soft and edgy," and is inspired by subtle combinations of fabrics and textures.

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unreal fur -

unreal fur

You may ask why go faux? Our answer is simple - animals are not ours to wear.

Creating a luxurious and ethical alternative to fur, Unreal Fur develops the finest quality faux fur for their conscientious, chic consumers. Fur has long been regarded as the ultimate high end fashion luxury, but with constant light being shed on the inhumane ways that these animals are treated, resulting in millions of cruel deaths each year, we choose faux.

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viktoria + woods - australia

viktoria + woods

From the time VIKTORIA + WOODS launched in 2005 our approach was simple: to create effortless wardrobe staples with a pared-back, contemporary feel.

At the heart of the label is our signature merino wool collection that launched the brand. Since then, the offering has expanded to include premium fabrications such as silks, cotton basics, chunky cable knits, and luxury coating.

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wyatt orr - seattle

wyatt orr

Wyatt Orr is the brainchild of Seattle based designers Liise Wyatt and Karly Orr.

Born out of their shared love for refined, honest design, the line focuses on the use of quality fabrics, layering, and textural minimalism to create versatile, elevated wardrobe essentials built for longevity.

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