nahanni arntzen

Nahanni Arntzen was born in a teepee in Kingdom Inlet, 11 miles up the river on a sandbar, way out there on the Southwest coast of British Columbia, Canada. She was named after a river in the Northwest Territories, the Nahanni River, though the first choice was Dodge, after her father’s truck.

Partly inspired by the styles she grew up with, as well as for a desire to expand her everyday jeans and t-shirt uniform, Nahanni designs clothing to be worn anywhere. All pieces are designed and produced onsite with a small team in her Portland, OR studio. Durable, interesting fabrics are locally sourced, often with limited yardage, resulting in small run collections. Her studio is open for fittings and visits most weekdays. All are welcome! Email hello@nahnniarntzen for more info or to make an appointment. More to come...